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Welcome to the website of Kings Crossing in Corpus Christi, TX. This site is run exclusively by volunteer homeowners. For help registering or navigating the site, contact our Webmaster. For questions about our HOA operations or payment of dues, contact the HOA Manager
NEW! A Resident Communications Page section has been added to our homepage below. This is an area where letters from homeowners are shared within our community about topics of interest to Kings Crossing and documents related to the topic can be posted.  Current discussion is the Country Club and Golf Course project. Click on the link in the box for additional information.
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ALERT - be aware of rattle snakes in the area especially near Oso Creek. Homeowners report killing one in Garden Court yesterday morning. One was seen on Oso Pkwy going into the neighborhood which was approximately 5’ and very large around. Please protect your pets as well as yourselves and be alert as to where you are walking.

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AS OF MARCH 31, 2017:
# Voting Lots in Kings Crossing: 1,355
# Voting Lots with registered e-mail addresses: 1,265 (93.4%)
# Voting Lots with unknown e-mails: 89 (6.6%)
# Voting Lots who have logged onto the website since January 1, 2017: 216 (16.0%)
Site visitors (since July 6, 2015): 
# of Registrations on the Spectrum Website: 357 (26.3%)

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Yard of the Month
June 2017
7609 Lovain Dr.
Residents: Jane and Don Stone
All lives and yards are a work in progress. Jane and Don are pleased that their yard now has balance and blended colors. It is always neatly kept. It has taken them eight years to reach this point on their yard journey and they have now started to get creative in their backyard. It has been a slow and patient process as Nature doesn't like to hurry and the seasons control the outcome. They are most deserving of being honored as the HOA Yard of the Month for June. 

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