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Resident Communications Page
Ongoing topics of interest:
Clubhouse & Golf Course Revitalization Project
Unit 21 and Golf Course Annexation July 2018 Important Message from Board President
Please note, the following documents are provided for historical purposes only:
Homeowner Q & A: (March 2017) this document was compiled by the Revitalization committee for the purpose of providing 'best available' information as it was understood by the committee.
April 2017 Kings Living Magazine Article topic is the Kings Crossing revitalization project and the HOA's history with its country club and golf course.
Homeowner-to-Homeowners Letters
Are posted below to give residents an opportunity to share their thoughts. The content is not necessarily representative of the positions of the Master Board. Any resident wishing to share their opinion in a letter through this format, please email your letter to web.master@kingscrossinghoa.com and your letter will posted.
Homeowner Gaylord Hoyt, 17 Apr '17 discusses history with property owner. In favor of the project.
Homeowner Cathy Hasle, 29 Apr '17 discusses importance of "community" on military families. In favor of the project.
Homeowner Mike Montgomery, 2 May '17 discusses importance of keeping an open mind. In favor of the project.
Homeowner Karen Macy Haug, 2 May '17 discusses a Realtor's viewpoint of the project. Hopeful and in favor.
Homeowner Mike Harrison, 2 May '17 discusses from a banker's viewpoint of the project. If, offer is a fair one, favor of the project.
Homeowner Joni McRee, 2 May '17 discusses perspectives of Commercial Realtor business insight to long-time resident's history with the Country Club scene. In favor of project.
Homeowner Angela Price, 5 May '17 discusses impact on Clubhouse and amenities on family life. In favor of project.
Homeowner Paul Campbell, 6 May '17 discusses benefits of the revitalization project and trust in the Board to accomplish the task. In favor of the project.
Not Homeowner Taylor Adcock, Realtor, 20 May '17 discusses viewpoint of impact of revitalization on Realty in Kings Crossing.