Architectural Review Process

Covenants are protective legal instruments that are binding on the owners of property in Kings Crossing. They establish and apply reasonable restrictions for land use, architectural design and property maintenance. They provide a review process for approval of exterior plans and improvements or changes to the property, as well as for new construction. They allow the Homeowners Association to enforce rules and regulations, and all properties are routinely monitored to ensure compliance with the Covenants. Their purpose is to provide a means for maintaining the Kings Crossing community as an attractive and desirable place to live. Consistent application of the Covenants and Guidelines is designed to assure compatibility with the planned character of our community and the protection of our real estate values. Owners must have prior approval from the Architectural Committee for home construction plans, exterior home improvements, or any new structure on any property.
Only the chair of the AC can approve your AC request. Please submit your AC request at least 14 days in advance of your project start date to allow the volunteer members of the AC Committee sufficient time to review and meet to discuss your request if necessary. The Committee will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.

About the Architectural Committee (AC)

What is the purpose of the committee? The purpose of the Architectural Committee (AC) is to maintain the quality of life and the property values by protecting the integrity of our Community in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration. Our Covenants state that no building, structure or improvement of any character shall be erected, placed, added to or altered on any lot until the building plans, specifications and a site plan showing the location of the proposed structure or structures have been submitted to and approved by Architectural Committee for the Homeowners Association as being in compliance with the restrictions as to use, nature of materials, harmony of external design with existing and proposed structures, and location of improvements with respect to lot boundary lines, building lines, proximity to the Golf Course, and within the scheme and design of Declarant.

What action is required of owner(s)? Prior to making any change or improvement, any owner planning to change or add to the existing structures on a lot must submit a request in writing to the AC stating the details of the intended change, improvement or need for variance and attaching samples or plans to more clearly describe the projected change or addition. If any change, improvement or action in variance from the Declaration is taken prior to written approval of the AC, the Homeowners Association has the right to require the homeowner to remove the improvement(s) and/or change(s) from the property.

What types of items require written approval? Some examples of improvements/alterations requiring written approval from the AC include (refer to the Declaration for other details):
  • Swimming Pools
  • Fences and walls
  • Sheds, Ancillary Building, Outbuildings
  • Patios, Patio Covers, Decks, Porches, Sunrooms
  • Gazebos
  • Garages
  • Play Structures
  • Landscape (front)
  • Hardscape
Can the committee grant variances for certain details? In exceptional cases, the committee is authorized to grant selective variances but the owner must request this variance, providing reasons why it should be granted so that the Committee can make an informed decision.
Why do we have to put everything in writing? The formal request and approval process is necessary to assure that every Property Owner’s desire to improve his or her property can be given due process without discrimination. It will also provide the owner(s), the committee, and the Homeowners Association Board with a permanent record of actions taken under the Declaration.

The AC review request form (click here for form) is available on our website.

If needed by you, we will also e-mail or fax a set of any of these in a Word or PDF format upon request.
Please be aware that online submissions will greatly accelerate the review process for you, and will allow for time and money savings for our HOA.
If you cannot submit your application through our website and would rather personally deliver it, you may bring it to:
Symmetry Commercial Management (our HOA manager) at 302 Rosebud Avenue Corpus Christi, Texas 78404.

In the process of reviewing your requests, the bulk of the AC’s responsibilities are to review compliance with our Deed of Restrictions.
which state that:
  • No structure, whether residence, accessory buildings, fences, walls, pool/spa, deck, patio, gazebo, or other major improvements shall be constructed or maintained upon any Lot
  • Nor any significant alteration or repainting to the exterior of a structure shall be made,
  • Nor any landscaping redesign of the front yard performed
until complete plans, specifications, and lot plans showing:
  • the exterior design
  • height
  • building material
  • plotted location of the structure
  • the general plan of landscaping, fencing and walls
have met the following requirements:
  • have been submitted using the official request form
  • have been approved in writing by the AC
  • have copies, as finally approved, deposited with the AC.
You will find on this website:

The AC’s primary work is that of coordination, communication, review, and approval – not that of enforcement. 
The AC will review and expedite requests that are consistent with the guidelines and apparent/established neighborhood/association standards. 
If the AC approves your request, that approval signifies that your plan(s) meet the Homeowners Association's requirements for such property changes, and the homeowner will be deemed to be in compliance. If the AC decides that some modifications to the plan(s) are required for an approval, we will contact you to discuss further.
If the AC denies your request, you will have the option to appeal that decision to the Master HOA Board of Directors. In this way, the Board will be responsible for AC decisions that may be controversial or potentially contested by a Homeowner. 
Similarly, the AC
  • may ask a Homeowner to correct a condition that has become out of compliance
  • or may respond to a “complaint”
  • or may generally advise the neighborhood or individual homeowner about a matter that needs attention. 

To Submit an AC Request
1. Log in at:
2. Navigate to Architectural Review -> AC Request Form.
3. Complete the AC Request form.
4. At bottom of AC Request Form, select "Attach a File" for each supporting data file to be uploaded.
5. Submit the form.

Kings Crossing AC Members
Refer to this page for a list of current AC members.
The basic mission of the AC is to:
  • Review submitted plans and issue approval or denials of submissions
  • Communicate with the Master HOA Board of Directors regarding Deed Restrictions/CC&R issues as needed 
  • Prepare a simplified version of our CC&Rs for easy reference, which is submitted to the Board for approval before it is distributed to the General Membership
If you have any questions about how to submit an AC request, the status of an AC request, or any other question about the process or committee, please contact Carol Winkler, Community Manager, at