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Posted February 21: HOA wide Spring Clean Up Day for 2019 will be on Saturday, March 2. Picnic follows immediately at Saint Denis Park.
We ask that everyone focus on your front yards and sweep out the street gutters bordering your property. Clean up hours will be from 8am to 11am but  the trailers will be at the common area on Tarafaya/Lovain from 8am to 3pm. Feel free to come by early to pick up any brooms, rakes, trash bags, trash pickers or safety vests, you may need. 
The trash debris trailer will accept your yard debris and any household items. If we fill up the trash bin we will receive a replacement. Please do not bring tires or hazardous waste (we will be fined for those items)! Also, we are looking for a couple of volunteers to help monitor the waste drop offs.
The goodwill trailer will be manned by a goodwill representative.  Please bring your donations bagged.
Posted March 10: SECURITY ALERT. Lots of chatter on FaceBook recently about security concerns in Kings Crossing. Everyone should monitor their home and HOA neighborhoods and report any suspicious activity to the Police and submit a a Security Report on our Website (the form for this can be found under Resident Forms on the Contact Us page). The reporting of security concerns to both the Police and on our Website will help focus our HOA security efforts and increase the CCPD patrols in our HOA.