HOA Headlines

Posted March 3: HOA Dues Deadline Assessment Alert
Attention Homeowners! The Annual Master HOA Assessments (Dues) payment deadline is fast approaching at the end of this month, Thursday, March 31, 2022.
Starting April 1, 2022 , late penalties and incurred interest will occur monthly until the balance is paid and at a $0.00 balance. 
Two options are available to pay for this year's/previous year's dues: 1) online with Condo Cafe'; or 2) personal check.
If you would like to pay online, contact Carol Winkler at Symmetry Commercial Management at communitymanager@symmetry-cm.com, Upon request, Carol will send a Condo Café invitation to register your home. This registration will then give you access to pay your dues online by Credit Card or ACH.
You are also welcome to mail a check addressed to Master Kings Crossing HOA to the address below.  
302 Rosebud Avenue 
Corpus Christi, Texas 78404