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Welcome to the website of the Kings Crossing HOA in Corpus Christi, TX! This site is managed by volunteer homeowners. For help registering or navigating the site, contact our Webmaster. For questions about our HOA operations or payment of dues, contact the (Spectrum) HOA Manager.

The HOA MANAGEMENT OFFICE (Management Contract with Spectrum AM) is located at 5959 S. Staples #211. Take the elevator to the "Spectrum" office on the 2nd floor. Phone number: 361-360-7034. HOA Community Manager: Henry Stewart. 
                             VOTING EVENT  RESULTS
ALL HOMEOWNERS: VOTING CONCLUDED AT THE END OF THE HOA MEETING, FEB 19TH. 215 total votes were received with quorum attained at 136. The following is the result of the vote for a new Master Board Director:
Harriet Lovin 159
Robert Spurling 61
Rod Holcomb (write-in) 13
Kurt Le Clair (write-in) 1
Joe Chavera (write-in) 1
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AS OF FEBRUARY 21, 2019:
Voting Lots in Kings Crossing: Was 1,357. Is 1357.
Voting Lots with registered e-mail addresses: Was 1,269. Is 1271 (93.7%)
Voting Lots with unknown e-mails: Was 87. Is 85 (6.3%)
Voting Lots who have logged onto the website since January 1, 2019: Is 145 (10.7%)
Homeowners with email addresses registered on the Spectrum Website: Was 627. Is 718 (52.9%)

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Saint Denis Park
Saint Denis Park has been
permanently adopted
by Kings Crossing HOA
Below is Cub Scout Pack 232 planting an Oak tree in the park on Sunday, March 4, 2018. This was done as a Civic lesson. Scout leaders include Ryan & Kelly Broderick. Thank you, Pack 232!


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