Master HOA General Info & Services

Welcome Program.  Our Welcome Committee would like to welcome all new residents to Kings Crossing with a scheduled visit to answer questions and provide a Resident Handbook and a Corpus Christi guidebook.  If you are a newcomer, or know of any newcomers (homeowner or tenant), please let us know by filling out a Newcomer's Notification Form here or send an email to so we can get you/them on our list!
HOA-wide garage sales are held semi-annually on the second Saturday in April and October. To be included in this event, email the HOA manager ( with your name and street address to be included in the advertising in the local newspaper.
Individual garage sales may be held by residents at other times. Sales must be held between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Any advertising signage placed must be picked up at the end of the sale.

Facebook:  Although residents are cautioned that the information imparted on our FB sites must not be taken as official, residents are welcomed to join either one or both of our two Kings Crossing FB groups:
  • Kings Crossing Residents: A closed group for residents only (you must be listed in this website's Resident Directory to be verified as a resident; to register, click here.)
  • Kings Crossing Trading Site: A public boutique trading site focusing on Kings Crossing but open to non-resident, local sellers as well. Strict rules apply (see inset below):
Holiday Flags: Our local Boy Scout Troop 87 will place a US Flag on your lawn on the 7 flag holidays of the year. The flags are posted at dawn and removed at dusk. The fee is $49.00/year.  Click here to print out and complete their Flag form and then mail to the address provided on it.
Street # Stenciling: The Boy Scouts also will stencil your house street number on your front curb. Click here to print out and complete their curbside stencil form and mail it to the address provided on it. The City of Corpus Christi strongly encourages residents to implement the use of this type of address identification so emergency personnel can to locate correct addresses more quickly.