Resident Handbook Summary

Top 10 Things to Know
Top 10 topics listed at the bottom of this page are a table of contents excerpt from our Resident Handbook (go to this page to access the entire Handbook). 
Our Welcome Committee strives to make a brief scheduled visit with all new residents (tenants and homeowners) and provide to them a Resident Handbook, City Guide book and a gift.  If you are new or know of a resident new to Kings Crossing who has not been contacted, please fill out the Newcomer Form located in the website directory under Resident Forms (click here) or email the Welcome Committee (click here)
1. HOA Management. Symmetry Commercial Management.  Our HOA Community Manager is Carol Winkler. The office location is 302 Rosebud Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404  Phone: 361-687-7644. Email:
2.  The US Post Office which services Kings Crossing:
  • Address: 1345 Crescent Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 (via Airline past SPID to McCardle)
  • Phone: (361) 991-4860
  • Hours: Weekdays 8:00 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and Sunday Closed
We have group mailboxes throughout Kings Crossing.  If you are not aware of you postal box location, call the phone number above with your address and they will provide your box number. Some homeowners leave their mail box keys for new homeowners when they sell their homes. USPS will replace keys upon request.
3. HOA Website. You are viewing this on our Kings Crossing interactive website. We strongly encourage all residents of Kings Crossing (homeowner or tenant) to register their contact information on this site; it only takes a couple of minutes to register. We use this site for homeowners to vote on HOA matters. We are interested in inputs from all of our residents (including tenants) on various topics and encourage all residents to participate in our surveys.  This site is maintained by homeowner volunteers  under the oversight of the Communications Committee. The website allows us to remain independent of our HOA management company. The site is updated frequently and contains HOA calendars, news and alerts, local events, and Kings Crossing resident information, all available with one click.
4.  Security. Kings Crossing contracts with Signal 88 Security of Corpus Christi for our security services. If you have a security concerns, complete the security form on the website under Resident Forms in the directory (click here). For emergency issues, call 911. For non-emergency issues call 361-886-2600. Please do NOT call the HOA office.
5.  Communications and Meetings.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend all open meetings
  • The Master Board President sends out monthly Email blasts to all residents about official topics relevant to the HOA.
  • The Communications committee sends out email blasts to residents on important matters.
  • General Homeowners annual meetings are held in February. Notice of meeting will be mailed via USPS to all homeowners prior to meeting.
  • Master Board usually meets the third Tuesday of each month. Agendas are posted to the website prior to each meeting. The Master board presides over both the Garden Court HOA and Domain HOA boards, each of which meet separately. An informal joint session of these three boards convenes as needed.
6.  Architectural Control Review Process and other Documents.  
  • Before you begin ANY construction, contact the Architectural Committee (AC). Permission to construct must be submitted to and approved by the AC prior to start of project (click here for AC request form).
  • All of the official documents are accessible on the website. You will find them under Documents in the website Directory. A full set of Deed Restrictions is required to be provided to new residents by the Title Company at closing. A Summary of Deed Restrictions is included in the Residents Handbook given out at all newcomer visits. Find a copy of the Residents Handbook under the Architectural Review on the Homepage task bar. 
7.  HOA Dues.  Invoices are mailed in December by Symmetry Commercial Management to all Kings Crossing residents. Dues are payable every year on January 1st and due NLT March 31. It is the norm for homeowners to have paid the balance of current year dues at escrow during the closing process, but check your status with the HOA management to be certain. Our Management applies a late fee of $20.00/month effective March 31. Additionally, a delinquent interest charge is applied monthly for accounts that are in arrears. You may pay online on Symmetry's website, in person at the local HOA Management office, or by mail. Payment by phone is not available. Send an email to for verification of your current mailing address and phone number. You may also use the preceding email address to request a new Symmetry account for resident online payments.
Our HOA website does not accept or process dues payments. 
8.  Kings Crossing HOA and non-HOA Properties.  Kings Crossing HOA is comprised of 1,355 lots of which currently 6 are vacant, buildable lots, and several common area spaces. There are two private properties and one public park within the Kings Crossing community. As such, these properties are not associated with or under the control of the HOA.
  • The 235 acres that comprise the former golf course and razed Clubhouse grounds are private property. When residents walk on the course cart paths, they do so knowing this is private land. Per city code, dumping debris of any kind is unauthorized on private property.
  • The vacant property attached to the Kings Crossing Church of Christ on the corner of Loire and Strasbourg is part of the church grounds.
  • Saint Denis Park located along Saint Denis Dr. is a public park maintained by the city.
9.  Safety.
  • The speed limit in Kings Crossing is 30 mph. However, a 15 mph school zone is located along Strasbourg as it nears Grenoble and runs the full length of Grenoble. Check posted signs in this area for times.
  • Coyotes and bobcat and poisonous snakes (Rattlesnake, Coral and Water Moccasin) exist in and around our community. Some guidelines:
  • Walk your dog on a short leash, at your side, not behind you, at all times. If you encounter a coyote, pick up the dog or keep it close to you and walk away.
  • Don’t walk near bushy vegetation, particularly at dusk and dawn, and avoid walking near abandoned or neglected properties.
  • Carry a flashlight, air horn, or bear or pepper spray when walking. If caught unprepared, shout and throw small objects.
  • Report sightings to local animal control, especially if the animal isn’t easily intimidated by loud noise or bright light or if you see the animal during daylight hours.
  • To ensure that wild animals do not become your permanent neighbors:
Do not leave trash bins on the street or set food out.
Secure lids on trash and recycling bins.
Pick fruit as soon as it’s ripe, and pick up and discard fallen fruit daily.
Avoid bird feeders. The aroma attracts scavengers even though they can’t reach the nuts and seeds.
Don’t put meat scraps in compost heaps.
  • Don’t leave cats and dogs outside unattended, especially at night.
  • Be wary of snakes when walking in tall grass or in normally undisturbed areas where snakes may be sunning.
Last Page Update: September 2021
The current Residents Handbook Table of Contents is provided below:


Resident Handbook

Table of Contents


From your Kings Crossing Homeowners Association (HOA)                                      Page

1.    Welcome Letter from the Master Board President                                  1
2.    New Resident Top-11 Things to Know                                                        2-5
3.    Summary of Deed Restrictions                                                                    6-7
       (The full CC&Rs & Bylaws Documents can be found on our website.)
4.    Neighborhood Social Clubs                                                                          8
5.    Neighborhood Gardens & Yard-of-the-Month                                          9


From the City of Corpus Christi 

1.    Office of Emergency Management
        a.  Hurricane Preparedness                                                                         10
        b.  Evacuation Routes                                                                                   11
        c.  What You Can Do to Prepare for Hurricane Season                           12-13
 2.    Solid Waste Services Schedules
         a. Garbage Collection & Recycling                                                             14
                   b.  Bulky items & Heavy Brush Pick-up                                                      15
  3.    Animal Care Services                                                                                    16

Sponsors Pages                                                                                                             17-18